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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ehre (Honour)

I build worth as a tribesman, give honour to our ancestors,
and give good gain to my tribe, by these things that I ever strive to be:

To be TRIUWE: keeping my word and holding my oaths,
ever loyal to ancestors, kith and kin.

To be BOLD: bravely meeting both life and death with swift courage,
whatever the woe or foeman that falls against me.

To be HEALTHY: growing in strength and might,
fit of body, whole of mind, for hallowed are the hale.

To be STEADY: working hard, persevering and holding fast to my course,
whatever brings the daily wind and weather.

To be SKILLFUL: exceeding limits to achieve excellence,
in all that I do, building weal and wealth.

To be GIVING: freely generous in hand, heart and mind,
hospitable and ever a help to my friends.

To be SOOTH: seeking the real and the actual,
eloquently speaking the truth.

To be WITTY: kindling intelligence, seeking out knowledge,
gaining in wisdom.

To be WINSOME: being loving to my fellows,
joyous and glad of heart.

While I draw breath, let my words ring true in my deeds,
Ere when I die, my good name leaving behind,
my tribesmen will toast my life, saying,
"In life, he was all of these things!"

For true glory is the honour of the living,
and gives safe passage among the dead;
Such fame makes sure my welcome,
at the mound of my ancestors.

Dan Miller 

Dano Hammer - Heartfelt Heathen Hip-Hop

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