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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Fair Fame Fades Never

Fair fame fades never, let the sagas be sung
By the men of today and tomorrow, their sons
Let good name be honoured and honour be named
Let our deeds be remembered, lasting and famed.

Raise the bar towards Asgard, to the Godsí very door,
Be as shining as Balder, and then shine some more
Strive to be Heathen in all that you do
Let the sagas be sung about you.

The name of a good man left when heís gone
Carries family gefrain upward and on,
Lives on forever, as eternal as time
Let my deeds bring honour to mine.

Fair fame fades never if fame fair be won
Let Heimdallís kin and the Gods be one,
Make your forefathers proud in the Ancestorís Hall,
Be proud, strong and Heathen, thatís allÖ

© Johnny Whitebread

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