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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Gift

Never realised when used.
Given to those who waste it.
Seen as nothing at all by the user.
The gift of youth.

Knowing the previous gift well.
Smiling and knowing.
Inner strength.
The gift of experience.

A promotion.
More then just a pay rise.
A sign of appreciation.
The gift of power.

A meal between friends.
An invitation to dine.
The breaking of bread amongst friends.
The gift of sustenance.

Taking a few moments.
Helping out where needed.
Volunteering for fun.
The gift of time.

Being there for them.
A shoulder to cry on.
Collective joy.
The gift of friendship.

Allowing them in.
Sharing hidden things.
Someone in whom to confide.
The gift of trust.

To lay everything down for them.
Selfless actions.
Given without conditions.
The gift of love.


`Rushy on DeviantArt

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