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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



With Ancestors

Maybe you'll grow old some day, but to all folk comes their death
So on that day you pass away, make a song from your last breath
The soul, it will dance on, guided by light hands
To rest amongst the ancestors, and welcomed in their lands.

I can tell you now, with surety, that we're never all alone
Our dead come visit silently, and speak in soothing tones
And if we take the time to be with them, and listen with still minds
Their voices whisper calming words to guide us in hard times.

So when my time is past on earth, my body fed to life
You'll find me there, with ancestors, to help you in your strife
And though I cannot hold your hand, please hold me in your heart
I promise you, no matter what, we'll never be apart.

Paolo Nugent


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