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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


My dearest Elders, I thank ye for the gift,
For your blessed presence in my heart.
May between us there never be a rift.

And may our troth wax so strong we ne'er part.
Ye fill my soul like warm summer rain
As I see lightning sent by Thor in goat-pulled cart.

And Freyr has charmed the growing grain
While Matronae this land do walk
And the youngling pig for feast is slain.

I lift a horn and make solemn vow
To you who are so much more than men,
And ponder on Audhumla, the sacred cow.

Crowfuzz 5/6/2003

Crowfuzz is very active on Beliefnet - Pagan/Heathen Spiritual Poetry & Prose Board.

Image: "Othala", © Analemma McKee Burrows.
Stained glass original, available at Analemma´s Glass Art.

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