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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



You need not lift a Futhark set to know it
For Frith is always owed, given, and got
To family you have the strongest blood bonds
And it is sure to them you owe a lot

To those you love and thus to those who love you
Your Frith is also bound, and day to day
Relationships will blossom on its giving
For Frith is that which must be gave away

In dealing with your neighbours Frith is centre
Communities cannot survive its dearth
Your fires are lit from central pyres and taken
To share that spark of Frith in your home's hearth

So as the chain gets longer Frith is lessened
And casual acquaintances see less
But Frith is due to each and every person
No matter separation or success

Respecting every fellow is essential
And as each one gets closer to your kin
Your debt of Frith increases with the closeness
But rest assured, "What's paid out comes back in!"


`Rushy on DeviantArt


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