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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Bright shines the light of day,
over the land--
Rolling, rollicking hillsides--
Deep grow the trees,
as they whisper,
haunting my thoughts
I strain to their every motion--
My mind reels
as I guide the wagon's wheels,
it's sacred burden it bears--

Sunshine releases the inborn scent
of every blossom and flower--
My head reels with joy
the scent of life,
the hint of death,
the reciprocity--
They weave their way
in my mind this day,
as I walk in the land
of Freyr--
He who embodies the Svear--

I see in my mind,
I feel in my heart,
the potency that is he--
His body, the land,
his blood the water,
his sons and daughters are we--

The sound of the falling horses hooves
rings upon the ground, as they strike
upon bare stone--
I know that whether by myself or not
never am I alone--
The fields, the meadows,
the mountains, the forests,
all can I easily call home--
This great land lives in my heart,
this land is beyond a place name,
this is the source of my spirit's love,
from which my joy takes it's name--

I gather to me all that I can carry,
I hold it near to me--
As the wagon circles one last time,
I know that I need never leave--
I am not simply in a place,
in a time, this one day--
I have been granted the greatest blessing
of all from my beloved Freyr--
I have become one among Svj
to be marked and counted always--

Ayla Wolffe 

Wolffe's Ways - Aylas Blog      Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk

Note: Eriksgata was when the Swedish King, before the 15th century,  journeyed the country 
to make sure that Swedes and Geats would accept him as king. 
The king did this after his crowning at the Stone of Mora.

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