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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Warrior Blood

Kneeling on the battle field
Searching for you
Warrior blood
Still seeping
Drunk the earth
Like proud men from the night before
As sweet mead was reached in the drinking horn

With awe I am looking into the future:
Your body will fertilize the earth
Of which new life will rise
Carefully I will walk on you
Carefully plow the land
Eat from your fruits
Derive strength from your life
Always bond to you

And when hundreds of years have passed
The hills, the meadows, the mountains
They will be exactly the same
The way you saw them on that day
As the Valkyries fought with you

Warrior blood of our Ancestors.....

© Valentina Miletic aka vodansdaughter.

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Image: Konstantin Vasiljev, Russian painter.

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