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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Toast 

Here´s to the master/mistress of the feast
Who well knows what we need;
And here´s to the barley and the bee
Who give us ale and mead.

A toast we sing, a boast we bring
For the good things that we see-
The food and drink upon this board
Shall never wasted be!

Here´s to the cook(s) who made the meal
And made it well and good;
And here´s to the birds and beasts and grain
And greens that are our food.


Here´s to the friends all feasting here,
And others far away;
And here´s to the gods who made us all
And hear us as we pray-

Here´s to Holy Mother Earth,
to Freyja and to Frey;
May all the Vanir bless the food
They´ve given us today-

Here´s to the Aesir, drinking deep
In Aegir´s sunken hall;
The Jotun´s ale-vats ne´er run dry,
Godd spirits bless us all!

Here´s to the wight who wards the hearth,
and holds our house from harm;
A portion pour to cheer his heart
And keep his spirit warm!


© Diana L. Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyđja of the seidh group Hrafnar. 

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