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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Around the hearth of the house
They gather, old and young,
A whispering and rowning of women,
Growing, receding, never silent.

Present, but ungraspable
Watching over their own
Dignified, Guarding, Keeping

A coming and going
All have passed on, yet all stayed
Mothers, Matrons, Aunts

United for years round the same hearth
Joined over the ages
Caring, Blessing, Gifting

Gray, flax-blond, raven-black
Faces melding, bound together by love
Together, Giving, Bearing

Names fade
Time passes, community lasts
Guarding, Caring, Watching
Women they were, Disir they are.

© German Original "Disen": Michael Schütz   
ARF - Asatru Ring Frankfurt

© Translation: Michaela Macha

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