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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Many a ring-giver in my line
Much luck my family has
Many a voice from distant past
Whispers their rede to me
Many a mother of my tribe
Watches and guards my luck
The strength of my line
Ever pushes me onward

Many a ring-giver in my line
Much luck my family has
Many a heroic tale I know
And much great fame they hold
Yet one’s own fame
Is birthed by their deeds
And the good layers
Laid in Wyrd’s well

Many a ring-giver in my line
And many a farmer too
Craftsmen and housewives
Doctors and warriors
Many trades we’ve done true
One’s place in life
Does it matter so much?
All have a purpose they serve
Within the inyard’s safety
There are many kinds of work
Who is high-born? Who is low-born?
When there is just so much do
Everyone should lend a hand
And do what work they can


Many a ring-giver in my line
Many a guest-friendly host
Much generosity my folk have
Many a gift has been given
Mighty my line has been
Mighty my line still is
Mighty my line will be
Much luck is held fast
Mighty is my blood
Many a tale it holds
Many a lesson learned
Many a test overcome
Many a trial I’ve had
Much I have seen
Many blood-songs heard
Many houses wove together
Making my line stronger still
Mightiest of them all
My house will become
My dreams tell, if they are true.


© Jeff Wolf


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