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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


From Fire and Ice

from Fire and Ice
we perceived our Worlds formed
Chaos to Order
relief from a storm
our Folk fought and flourished,
full-fed of strife
with drinking and feasting,
embraced world and life.
for one thousand years
our Folk way silent fell
then whispers and dreams
bubbled up from yon Well.

round fire in circle
raising horns to the Sky
we look and we listen
we laugh and we cry
the fire lives in us
we are kin with the Moon
we give gift for a gift
and Gods grant us boons
in Thunder and Harvest,
at Night and at Day,
planting seeds for our future
while we fight and we play.

you must know where you've been
to know where you'll go
always winding and weaving
with fellow fjords flow
upward and outward
you'll evolve and mature
yet rooted and local
you'll stay honest and pure
welcome the Wanderer,
always open your doors
but hold what you have,
protect what is yours.


- This poem is in the Common Domain and may be freely distributed
provided it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License -

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