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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Kve­ja VŠttir 

Hail unseen ones, greeting we give
Earth spirits dark, sky spirits bright
Our bond in Wyrd, is old and strong
By land and blood, in troth and frith

We are come here, blˇt stone to stain
A holy stead, we wish to make
This place is yours, where altar stands
Before we start, your help we ask

On hallowed ground, for sacral time
Drink we have shared, to give thee gift
Come ward this VÚ, and worship watch
Our purpose set, your fee we give

When rite is done, weĺll not forget
This call on bond, twixt you and we
For health of land, and wealth of folk
Duty is ours, to work each day

Now we have built, stead in our hearts
Holy to be, round us this night
Spirits of Sky, Spirits of Earth
Your presence felt, our work is blessed

ę Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr

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