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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


His Mountain Maiden

Long she stands, looking out to sea
Cold the wind, from the mountains
Hard the winter, and the months without Him
Bright the lights, flashing in the sky
Dark the sea, he set sail on
So long ago, since she held him close

His mountain maiden
Waiting out the cold months
For his return from the sea
In their great wooden boats

Long his journey, over the waves
Rough the seas, on the westward leg
Rich the pickings, in this new land
Bold the tales, he will tell on his return
Heavy his heart, as the distance grew
So long ago, since their last embrace

For his mountain maiden he yearns
How he misses her warmth
Soon they will drive eastward again
And he will be re-united with her

Long the shadows, as the boats reach home
Bright the fires, along the hilltops
Loud the shouts, from the coastal sentries
Wide the smiles, of the welcoming party
Open the arms, of his love in her embrace
So long ago, since he promised her this return

With his mountain maiden he stands
Ice in his beard but warmth in his heart
Now he will boast of his exploits in the ale halls
And return home with his mountain maiden


`Rushy on DeviantArt

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