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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

These Woods

I know that snow will always fall
Upon that hill where coyotes call
And that their song will ever rise
Into the night where Frost-Mane flies

I know that deer with ancient grace
In blooming fields will leap and chase
And every spring, doe will bear fawn
As Shining-Mane delivers dawn

I know these woods will always heed 
The dreams of those who offer mead
To brooks that will forever flow
Down shady hills where pine trees grow

I know that when I hear Hel’s call
These woods will be my final hall
And through the trees my soul will stride
My Shadow ever at my side

© Joe Mandato 10/10/2002

Vingolf Fellowship


Image: "Rays",  © Jürgen Eilts:  www. shiftedreality.com

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