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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Heathen Protest Song: Two

Greater than blood
Wiser than man
Ćsir and Vanir
Made me what I am
Older than Midgard
Stronger than tribes
Wyrd led me to them,
the ones that shape our lives

How can anyone feel pride
in those he'll never know,
those whose deeds have disappeared
many centuries ago?
How can anyone feel love
for a land he's never seen,
just a name there on the map,
lines of black against the green?

Greater than blood...(etc.)

I had never heard their names
or their stories as a girl
till the books I found at school
opened up another world.
Names and feelings all brand-new,
why it happened I can't say;
though some might deny it's true,
lore, not blood, showed me the way.

Greater than blood...(etc.)

© Ingeborg Svea Nordén

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