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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Where you go?

Father, where go you when summer begins?
Where do you ride for atop your stallion?
Hills ring with thunder on the horizon.
You ride to the battles; what will they bring?
Come home father, home.
Come home father, home.

Brother, where go you in autumnís red fire?
What honour binds you to fight for your sire?
The dragonships sail; the ravens fly higher.
Will they serve you for your funeral pyre?
Come home brother, home.
Come home brother, home.

Husband, where go you when falls winterís snows?
What burns within you that calls you to go?
Smoke wings the breeze where the North Wind does blow.
When sounds the war drum, will you face the foe?
Come home husband, home.
Come home husband, home.

My son, where go you when comes the springís turn?
Why is it battle for which you must yearn?
Rivers run crimson and night fire burn.
When battle has ended, I pray you return.
Come home my son, home.
Come home my son, home.

© Helen Marshall

Helen Marshal is
active in the SCA and a Bard of Ealdormere - see all her works.

Image: "Siegfried and the Vassals" by Arthur Kampf

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