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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Good Wishes 

I wish all of my friends wonderful things
As I hope to see what my song will bring.
May the Gods hear my heartfelt invocations
In favour of my friends from many nations.

May Loki's wiles bring bellyfuls of laughter.
May Freya lead them to love ever after.
May Odin show them the way to wisdom.
May Thor defend them from foes who may come.

May Frey bring frith and plenty to their homestead.
May He bestow them with bounties of bread.
May Frigga keep the fires hot in their hearths.
May She keep their families from splitting apart.

May Heimdall watch over their holy fanes.
May His admonitions for them never wane.
May Bragi delight them with poems and prose.
May his repertoire of songs never close.

May Ull guide their bowshots with precision.
May Tiu's justice keep them from derision.
May Idunn keep their looks fresh and youthful.
May Nerthus make their lands green and fruitful.

May the Gods bear these blessings to my friends
And to those with whom I would make amends.
May much health and happiness fill their lives
And may they earn that for which they strive.

Justin Douglas Blackford


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