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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Call

Hail, O my ancestors!
Hail, O my gods!
Hearken ye spirits of hearth, field, and farm.
Come to my calling,
Come to my side,
Gaze on the wonders together we've wrought.

Kyra the golden, with Sif's own bright hair
Voice raised in song, sweet and strong as fine mead.
Caitlyn the laughing, a storm with a smile
Dance with the grace of a Swan-may in flight.
Alyssa my Spark, with her heart on her sleeve
She's a fountain of care, for whomever in need.

Come bold Aesir, test the strength of their will;
true to their kin, to their friends, to their word.
Come bright Vanir, test the truth of their love,
stewards to the land that gave them their birth.
Call all the Alfar, the Disir, the fey
Come join the dance, hear the song, feel the love.

Hail, O my ancestors,
Hail, O my gods
Take of the cup that is raised to your health
Come round the hearth fire
Walk at our sides
In the love of the children, be ever alive.

John T Mainer
Written for my children after Mayday 2007

This work by John T Mainer is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives License.

The Freyr's Press of the Heathen Freehold Society of BC: Kindertales and Kindertales 2 by John T Mainer et al.

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