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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Alive in the Eyes

Alive in the eyes of the young, vital child
Is the promise of future secured,
Aloft in the laugh of the child at play,
Is the sound of the good and the pure,
The ancestral memories lie hidden in his mind
To blossom and guide in due time.

He grows and he learns at the knee of his Dad,
He listens to sagas and lore,
The warrior's way becomes part of his life,
He learns and he hungers for more,

Tall now he grows in stature and might,
His character growing apace,
The light of his ancestors shines from his eyes
And pride lights his eager, young face.

The Norns spin his thread and a woman he weds,
As pure and white as the snow,
The Gods watch them wend their way through this world
And protect them wherever they go.

They live by the standards proven by time,
In a world of free will run wild,
Frigga sees fit to influence their lives
And blesses their house with a child.

Full circle is run Father and Son
And all he was taught is now passed,
As he watches this child grow every day
and wonders how time went so fast.

At last comes the day, on his death bed he lay,
As his wife sits and cries quiet tears,
He smiles at her and squeezes her hand
To comfort and soothe her fears,

"I'm going", he said," to be with my Gods,
To feast and hunt and sing,
And if your pain becomes too great,
Remember just one thing,

My love for you will never die,
And I truly will never be gone
For everything that's in us both
Lives on now in our Son,

All the hopes, all the dreams,
The future of our Folk."
He closed his eyes and she had heard
The last words he ever spoke.

This fleeting life, so short, so brief,
So full of joy, so full of grief,
Tell me, will your deeds live on
when your time has come and gone?

Johnny Whitebread

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