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Runes, Seidhr & Spae, Galdr, Utiseta, Herb Magic

"Runes you will find, and readable staves,
Very strong staves, Very stout staves,
Staves that Bolthor stained, Made by mighty powers,
Graven by the prophetic god." - Havamal

* Birth Rebecca Buchanan
* Tines (Secrets of the Tree)  Rob Crocker

* A Children´s Rune Rhyme  Skarpheđinsson
* The Lay of Bileyg  Jack Hart
* Rune Gifts Diana L. Paxson

* Candlemas Hymn Raven Kaldera
* Haiku Rune Poem Laure Lynch 
* The Runes - First Nine Runes Freya Kä
* Wunjo  Bear Gomke
* Jera  Jennifer Tifft  

* Rune Poem P.D. Brown
* Berkano Dana Kramer-Rolls  
* A Modern Rune Poem for Children Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Perthro Hilary Ayer  
* Some Modern Rune Poems Mike Smith

Fehu Darí Einarfjórđison
* Runic Haiku Cynthia Wallin
Rune Spell Kol
* Laguz Kol
* Runelore Jackie Hannigan 

* Nied-Runa Song  Winifred Rose
* Futhorc Nick Ford 
* Futhark as Do-Re-Mi Ben Waggoner
* A Runic Dream Rommelio Valerio
* Rune-Kennings Nick Ford 

* Runes Cast Kevin Skoog 
* Rune Gazure Ravenskald 
* Meditations on the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem  Jim Davis
* Woden´s Teachings about the Runes Jim Davis 
* Rune Chant  Michaela Macha
* Jera In My Life Ayla Wolffe

* Rune Poem I  Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem II
Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem III: Ansuz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IV: Kenaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem V: Mannaz Rebecca Buchanan

Rune Poem VI: Laguz Rebecca Buchanan
Rune Poem VII: Thurisaz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem VIII: Algiz Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem IX: Berkana Rebecca Buchanan
* Rune Poem X: Ehwaz Rebecca Buchanan

* Rune Caster's Chant Larisa C Hunter
* A Carving  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* An Ode to Runes  Larisa C. Hunter 
* Prayer for Rune Magic Sarenth Odinsson
* The Voluspa Futhark Boar's Heart
* Peorth Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Gebo Sarenth Odinsson

Seidhr & Spae

"It is time to sing in the seat of the wise,
Of what at Urd's Well I saw in silence,
saw and thought on." - Havamal 111

* Seidhr Jordsvin 
* Seidhr Morgan Daimler
* Under the Cloak Jen Logan 
* Northman Chant  Jim Wise
* Song of the Gythia Sigrun Odinsdottir 

* Troth Magic  Juleigh Howard-Hobson 
* Ocean Eyes, Vanaheim
M Odinsdatter
* Surreptitiously Unreal Patricia
* Dialogue Hildisvin 
* Helrunner Jessica Blalock (Herwodis Brusse) 

* Conversation with a Corpse  James Smith 
* Seidkona  Sigrun Odinsdottir
* As they speak... Jen Logan
* Shaman Larisa C Hunter
* Ride to Hel Larisa C Hunter

* Peaceweaver Cameron La Follette
* Prayer to Svipal, the Changeable Sarenth Odinsson

* Samsey Island  Neal Grout 
* And the Wind Howled Jeff Wolf
* Seidr Blessing
Justin L. O'Brien

* Smoke, Water, Light Paul Walker
* Banishing Galdr Louis Buccellato
* Banishing Galdr II Louis Buccellato

* Ute Sitte (Sitting out) Robert Falkenstein

Herb Magic
* The Song of the Nine Sacred Herbs Raven Kaldera

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