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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Rune Gifts

Fehu, wealth enough for food and fun,
Uruz, strength and health for everyone.
Thurisaz, the gifts that fill Thor´s sack—
Ansuz, Odin bears more on his back.
Raidho carries all the gifts we send,
Kenaz crafts the gifts we make and mend.
Wunjo´s wish brings joy to all who live,
Gebo blesses all the gifts we give.
Hagalaz brings down the winter storm,
Naudhiz, need-fire keeps the spirit warm.
Isa´s ice and snow lie on the ground,
Jera turns the year-wheel on its round.
Eihwaz, sacred Yew, the green Yule-tree,
Perthro, gift of luck to you and me.
Elhaz, Elk who guards with mighty horn,
Sigil, on Solstice morning is reborn.
Tiwaz, radiant god who rules the light,
Beorc, Birch-goddess, blesses Mothernight.
Ehwaz, swift, the Wild Hunt´s horses roam,
Mannaz, blithe, men share the feast at home.
Laguz, flowing mead bright blessings bring,
Ingwaz, oaths upon the boar of Ing.
Dagaz, Yule´s dawn blesses all the earth,
Othala gathers kin to home and hearth.

© Diana L. Paxson

Author´s note:
Rune names from different futharks are used for the sake of the meter.

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