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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The year will turn, whither or no
we will it.
The stars wheel, bright and far and near.

The world whirls, spinning in space
and yet
She goes in slow and simple circles too.

Corn grows, reaches and rustles and thrusts
up from the ground
Root and seed renewed in endless round

Eager electrons dance, pushing and pulled
Charming and strange
Quanta in spiralling strings, invisible rings

Macro and micro, future and past
Helical twist
Moonlight and mist, ever entwined

Within the spin we merry-go-round
the world
Numinous place, moment to minute to now

Jera, year-round, season, seed-time
whither we go
Big and small, within and without, withall.

Jennifer Tifft - Wander's Gallery 

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