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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Cattle-wealth and oxen-strength
The thorn protects, gods lend at length.

The rider at the torchlit gate
Is warmed with gifts that joy create

Through Winter's harshness, hail and need,
When ice shall bind the new year's seed.

Dark yew well shelters Pleasure's hall
Elk-sedge defends, while Sunna's ball

Like Tiw's spear, guides; the birch-tree's span
As fair as bond of horse and man.

A lake enriches god-settled land:
Birthright grows, by day, to hand.

Oak and Ash draw lightning's stroke:
Less swift the shaft from yew-bow's yoke.

Iar, beaver-built; Ear, ocean-corn;
Last, stone, the oldest of earth-born.

Nick Ford 2005

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