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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Banishing Galdr

I call out now to all Vttir, by sword, by Hammer, by inn's Spear.

Hear my words, take them to heart, against your will, you must depart.
I banish thee in the name of rr, your presence welcome here no more.
Return at once from whence thou came, thou doth belong in Helaheim.
Not once or twice, I thrice invoke, the rune Kenaz to clear the smoke.
Raido now will guide your path, heed its call or face rr's wrath!
Eihwaz helps you leave this hearth, departing from the Middle-Gar.
It matters not if friend or foe, the time has come for you to go.

Eg rek I nafni inn
Eg rek I nafni rr
Eg rek I nafni Baldr
Eg rek I nafni Tr
Ek rek I nafni Freyja
Eg rek I nafni Hel

Louis Buccellato (Alfrsulf)

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