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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


A Carving 
A Runestone did          stand in the Hof
Deep the carvings        upon its face
A worthy spot            where all could see
Its message old          its meaning plain
Know how to read         Know how to write
Wise words hard gained   from Elder Kin
They prod us to          much knowledge learn
And use our minds        in worthy ways
Know how to carve        know how to stain
In stone and wood        in steel and bone
The Holy Runes           from Odin's grasp
Holding power            in form and stroke
Know how to ask          know how to Blót
To worship give          and blessing get
A rightful plea          and grateful thanks
Confirm respect          for Old Ones High
In all of these          and more besides
The Staves hold keys     to Lore and thought
A healing charm          a warding mark
A craftsman's glyph      a grave mound's stone
The magic though         contained within
These simple lines       upright and slash
Lies in the Wyrd         of Tribe's Orlay
And Runestone's words    reminders are

© Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr     21 Horning 2251 RE

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Image: Sweden, Skramlestenen 1. © Nixdorf.
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