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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Northman Chant

Wolfman Wildman
Seidr-singing magickman
chanting in a holyland
I want to hitch a ride to the hidden other side in a
longboat dragonship swimming in the mist with a
weed-smoking Northman Freeman
sweater-clad scruffy man staring out to sea
Blond blue Viking man and visions in the wind
What man
what shore
what star you looking for
What harbor waits for you at sail’s final end
Will you sleep in woolen blankets in your lovers hot embrace
Will you fish away the mornings in the lazy days of spring
and mark the days to holy Frey’s naked new moon dance
Will you war with Thor on corporate whores
who spoil and muck to make a buck and plunge the world to hell
Will you stride a while with Odin on the backroads of the worlds
hunting wonder inspiration and a Way to save it all
Seider-singing magickman
Seize the days and
squeeze the days
Hold heaven in your hand

© Jim Wise

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