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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Runic Haiku

Fehu; Feoh – Frey´s prosperity-
Rich is he with more than three
Cattle, the true wealth

Uruz; Ur – Aurochs, primal urge
Strenght of man – untam´d power
Gift of soul-healing

Thurisaz; Thurs – Wielder of Mjollnir
Mighty friend of common man
Thorn in Odin´s side

Ansuz; Os – Odin´s sacrifice
Brings wisdom from Mimir´s Well
Inspires poetry

Raido; Rad – The journey is key
Choices made ordain our wyrd
The skein has been tied

Kenaz; Ken – Fire to light our way
Illuminates dark places
Expands man´s knowledge

Gebo; Gyfu – Generosity
An act of grace and honour
Return gift for gift

Wunjoy; Wynn – Victory is mine!
Savor the joy of winning
Glory to the Gods.

Hagalaz; Hagall – Sudden destruction
Clears out the old for new growth
Clue-by-four from Gods

Nauthiz; Nyd – The empty cauldron
Need which cries out to be filled
Look for fulfillment

Isa; Is – Hard ice stops the flow
But can you cross it safely?
Watch for treachery.

Jera; Ger – Grain – Sif´s golden hair
Cut at harvest, yet returns
The wheel turns again.

Eihwaz; Eoh – The gifts of eihwaz-
Strength and flexibility
And Yr´s healing grace.

Perthro; Peord – The enclosing womb
Passage between death and life

Algiz; Eolh – Protection ´gainst foes
Sedge grass cuts, yet can conceal
Catch spears in mid-air.

Sowilo; Sigel – Sunna´s chariot-
Activating principle
Sun wheel – life giver.

Tyr – Willing sacrifice,
Tyr´s hand offered to Fenris –
Symbol of justice

Berkana; Beorc – Women´s mysteries.
Birch broom brings fertility
Freya´s cherish´d gift.

Ehwaz; Eoh – Travel between the worlds
Partner on the spirit path
Horse pulls the wagon.

Mannaz; Man – Couple embracing
Man – Woman, bound together
Joining makes magic.

Laguz; Lagu – Womb of the Lady
Depths from which our dreams are born
The waters of life

Inguz; Ing – Freyr, Bringer of rain
The fertile fields, his domain
Growth and completion

Dagaz; Daeg – The first light of dawn –
Day that brings new beginnings
Wisdom becomes Fool.

Othila; Othel – The journey´s complete –
We´ve come full circle and learned
There´s no place like home.

© Cynthia Wallin

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