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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Under the cloak

Up on my high seat
Under the cloak
friend at my feet

She lends to her mind
Her eyes, her ears
are delivered unto mine

I see moons, many trees
as I travel the lands
I fly in the sky
I crawl on my hands
the water; it ripples
and then comes the freeze...
Down deep within the Ice,
his voice, his words
he calls unto me with ease...

One thunderous blow
the ice is now broken
the great one holds my hand
the path is now open...

Out in the mist of this wintery night
Under the cloak, hidden from sight
the snap of a twig; small noises about
I am the night wind that kisses you ear
Your thoughts are mine; You need not speak out...

Image: Markus Gann, www.begann.de

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