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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Song of the Gythia

I have given myself
To the Old Gods
To the Old Ways
Of my blood
I have given myself
To the service
Of my people
The people of the North

Through my voice
Through my galdr
I send forth
The power of the runes
I galdr to heal
I galdr to protect
I galdr to bless
And I galdr to curse
Those who would come against my people

I bring down the power of the Gods
I invoke Them
For each need
And They come

I stand as a pillar of strength
Of truth
Of integrity
I may be young
But others look up to me
For I hold the wisdom
Of lives before

It is my purpose in life
To care for my people
To teach them to care for each other
And I have vowed
To do so
Until my last breath

I have answered
The call

2004 Sigrun Odinsdottir

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