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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


As they speak...

Sing me your words,
I hear you humming at the door.
The words of the ages;
from the ones who came before...

"Be still.
Do not speak."

"In time you will know
and you will reap
the secrets that your disir keep."

Distant voices
from an ancient time
chant and sing
and speak in rhyme

They speak of power;
of bonds and of kin
of holding together
through thick or thin

Secrets passed down
from beginnings of time
are revealed and begin
to unravel in my mind

Mysteries are solved
obscurity becomes sight
complex becomes simple
and day is as night

As the singing fades out
dark, quiet in the hall
I know and I am
at one with them all.

2006 Jen Logan

Image: "Thoughts to life", Gene Gould 2002

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