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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Peaceweaver, to you all hail!
Come to king’s hall gleaming-dressed,
Answer us with wisdom-tale,
Runes of magic on the breast:
Waters trap warriors stealthily,
Waters rage foaming cold;
Wave of river, wave of sea,
Do they seek men’s greed-gold?


Waters are by men defiled,
Sickness carrying, stinking, pale;
They now all men revile,
But hear Peaceweaver’s tale.
Give me to grim-flowing stream,
Give me to water-howling place;
Peaceweaver chants with magic gleam,
I swim with otter’s face.
Otter-marrying I will be,
On blue wave swimming;
That will be playfully
Water’s vengeance dimming.



Peaceweaver, speak to us in king’s painted hall!
Forest waits stealthily each morn,
Tree limbs whip with fury, they fall,
Wandering men trees have torn;
Warriors are bewildered, alone,
Men no longer spell-cast among leaves.
Answer us on wisdom-bone:
Is it for blood the tree grieves?


Not honored is the forest by men,
Cutting trees by day and by night;
Trees long-whispering have seen
Keen death at every daylight.
Spell-braided my hair,
Wolf becoming, shadow-gray;
By forest trail leave me there,
Peaceweaver is wedded today.
Wolf-running I shall be
Among great trees gliding;
Forest will shelter men more seemly
Wolf-bride among trees abiding.

© Cameron La Follette

- License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided
it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License -

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