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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Jera In My Life

Green is the land,
my heart is restless,
always I become and grow,
words flow easily,
I choose where I go.
I walk the land with restless pride,
giving energy back with each step,
one two, one two, one two
here I come and there I go
now you see me, now you donīt.
Open is my heart,
song pours forth,
a constant flood over the land,
ululations that fall like rain.
Summer is the time when activity stirs my heart,
I flow with ease from task to task
finding my way from place to place
memories are made,
memories flood the new places,
come out from the old
and we become together.

Winter finds its way to me,
or I to it, whichever, as may be.
We settle down together,
making plans for the year to come,
finding the fit of each other
the curve of a chair,
as I write, or talk, or read a book.
I start projects, see them through.
Reflection is the rule of the day.
Hustle and bustle within my home,
soups are made, cookies, soaps
and many another thing besides.
I find ways of being more myself,
more in myself. I enjoy this time.
I am enjoying this time in ways I canīt
when the heat orders me out of doors.
My home is my refuge,
my friends become my link beyond.
I open my house and visits ensue back and forth.
A time in my life for activity and for pause.
Winter, the other half that makes me who I am.

This is what Jera is to me,
the completion that activity and meditation become.
They become each other in the process.
This is how our folk lived long ago,
this is how we live today,
aware of it or not, we measure our days
in time with the season,
learning ourselves and loving the process,
the exchange that gives self to self
causes us to move ever onward in self-discovery.

Đ Ayla Wolffe

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