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Yule & Winter -  Poetry & Songs


List of all Yule songs with MP3 and sheet music: -> Heathen Songbook: Winter/Yule Songs

A choice of Yule songs for easy singing at short notice: -> A Suite of Yule Songs

Deities associated with winter: -> Skadhi, Ullr

Wild Hunt poetry -> Odin

Wassailing Songs
* Here We Come A-Wassailing Michaela Macha
* Chicago Wassail Hilla Hamasdohtor
* Gloucestershire Wassail Winifred Hodge Rose
* Gloucestershire Wassail 2 Winifred Hodge Rose
* Wassail Song Winifred Hodge Rose

* Wassail, Wassail all over the Town Michaela Macha

Yule, Midwinter

* A Heathen in New Zealand Matt Kiessling
* A Jul Poem Mike Smith
* A Nordic Yule Michael G. Tucker

* An Ull Yule Drool
Doug Freyburger
* Asgard´s Drighten Once Looked Out Anna Stockinger
* A Tale of Santa John T Mainer (story/video)
* A Time Has Come
Michaela Macha
* A Viking Christmas Carol Guy L Bradley
* A Yule Poem Alexa Duir

* Boar´s Head Carol Winifred Hodge Rose
* Bring Us Good Mead trad./Michaela Macha

* Collecting Maple Sap at Ravenstead   Jonathan Cyr
* Come, All Ye Heathens Michaela Macha
* Come One, Come All Anna Stockinger

* Dark Time Jenny Blain 
* Do Not Forget
Johnny Whitebread  

* Etin of Ice Clyde Silbernagel

* First Song for the Midwinter Sacrifice Ingeborg S. Nordén
* Folkways Juleigh Howard-Hobson
* Frigg Bless Ye Merry Heathen Folk M Odinsdatter

* Gods Bless Us Every One suggestion for adaption
* Gods Bless You, Merry Heathen Folk! Winifred Hodge Rose
* Good Heathen Folk Rejoice Anna Stockinger
* Good Heathens All Michaela Macha

* Hark the Heathen Folk Anna Stockinger
* Hearth Justin Douglas Blackford
* Holy Tidings for the Yule Steve Sherill 
* Hrodulf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Philip Craig Chapman-Bell
* Hunter´s Moon Hilla Hamasdohtor
* Hymn to Holla Diana Paxson

* Ice Storm
Hilla Hamasdohtor
* In the black season of deep winter Celtic poem, 11th century
* In the Bleak Midwinter Mike Hicks

* Joy to the Worlds Michaela Macha
* Joy to the Worlds Ljón Bragrman
* Jul Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth

* Let´s Be Happy and Rejoice Michaela Macha

* Masters in This Hall Anna Stockinger
* Merry Yule and Mothers' Night Michaela Macha
* Merry Yuletide Karl Donaldsson
* Midwinter Frigga Asraaf  
* Midwinter Song Gudrun Victoria Gotved

* Norse Jul Night Rodney Kindlund  
* Nos Galan - “Winter” Anna Stockinger  

* O Come, All Ye Faithful  Alexis Coleman
* Oh Come All Ye Faithful Ljón Bragrman

* Oh Come All Ye Kinfolk  Anna Stockinger
* Opening of Sumbel-Yule 2006 - Mothers Night M Odinsdatter
* O Sun Wheel Bright Winifred Hodge Rose

* O Tannenbaum Diana Paxson 

* Prayer to Frigga Laurel Mendes 

* Return Diana Paxson
* Rune Gifts Diana L. Paxson
* Runes in Stone Eric Wolfsbane

* Silent Night, Yulé Night Michaela Macha
* Silent Sleeps Lori Brown-Scheel 
* Sing Aloud on this Day! Anna Stockinger
* Snow Has Fallen Down Upon Us Michaela Macha
* Surpassing the Winter Arith Härger
* Sweeter the Songs we are Singing  Michaela Macha

* The Chasing of Sol Jim Davis 
* The Coming of the Light Lavrans Karl Reimer-Møller
* The Darkest Midnight in December  Michaela Macha
* The Deepest Night  Dan Miller
* The Good God Thor Diana Paxson
* The Holly and the Ivy Winifred Hodge Rose
* The Mothers´ Night of Yule Karl Donaldsson
* The Old Year Now Away is Fled  Michaela Macha
* The Sussex Carol Anna Stockinger    
* The Twelve Days of Yuletide M C Daimler
* The Twelve Days of Yuletide Larisa C Hunter & Gunn-Thora
* The Verse of Snow Blennerhassette
* The Yule Log Diana Paxson
* The Yule-Tree is Big Michael Schütz
* Twelfth Night K. C. Hulsman
* Twelve Days of Yuletide The Folk of HrafnStong
* Twelve Nights Berchtwald Hrabanwolf 

* Ullr´s Yule Gift  Winifred Hodge Rose

* Vanir Carol Diana Paxson 
* Vetrsongr (Wintersong) HrappR Normansson

* Weihnachtsspruch Anna Stockinger
* We Wish You a Glad Yuletide! Winifred Hodge Rose

* We Wish you a Merry Yuletide Michaela Macha
* When Yule Fires Burn Slaeghunder
* Winter Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Winter Jim Davis 
* Winter Carol Jj Starwalker
* Winter Fulltrui  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Winter Grass Kolag Hraban
* Winter's Moot  Alan Hodgson 
* Wintertide Jeff Wolf
* Winter Without End Justin Douglas Blackford

* Yrminsul Winifred Hodge Rose
* Yule Sharon Hess
* Yule Blessing Michaela Macha
* Yule Feasting Song Winifred Hodge Rose
* Yule Fires Diana Paxson
* Yule Log Song Jenny Blain 
* Yule Memories Alan Hodgson 
* Yule Night Ann Gróa Sheffield
* Yuletide Blessing Michaela Macha
* Yuletide Blessing Louis Buccellato


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