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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Yule Fires


Cold and darkness clutch the world,
Frosty breath fogs the dim air,
Fingers fumble flint, runes of light
Twist along the twig of thorn.

Fire sparks in sign of victory,

Birch and ash logs, barbed with flame,

Send back to men the sun´s stored light.

Midgard´s fire.


From hearth to hall light hails light,

Chasing shadows across the floor.

Warmth to cold hands is welcome now,

Eyes burn bright, hearts beat with joy.

From roasting beast and baking bread,

A homely incense hallows the air.

Firesong whispers from the wood.

Kindred´s fire.


Holly helmed, the holy oak log,

is fed to the flames. Offerings flare.

Torches catch, twirl fiery tails,

Borne out to battle with the dark.

Sparks strike cold fire in the snow,

Swirl up to seek the watching stars.

Unfurl bright banners to bridge the sky.

Asgard´s fire.

© Diana L. Paxson

Diana is member of The Troth and Gyðja of the seidh group Hrafnar.

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