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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


An Ull Yule Drool            Tune: "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" by Beverly Hillbillies (YouTube link)

Come an' listen to a story 'bout a god named Ull,
A loner god not int'rested in Yule,
And then one day he was huntin' polar bear,
When Sliepnir arrived, a-runnin' on the air.

Horse, that is, eight legs, Odin's stead.

Well the first thing you know, Ull nods his head,
Duty calls! He's bound for Asgard stead.
To sit the high seat while Odin leads the band,
The Wild Hunt, a-roarin' 'round the land.

Wind, that is, cold storm, ancestr'l rede.

Twelve nights later, Ull looks far and wide,
Of Old One Eye he sees nary hair nor hide!
The very next mornin' Odin comes on home,
And sends our Ull to his lonely mountains roam.

Hills, that is, deep woods, mountain stead.

Hail Asgard!

Doug Freyburger
     Linden Oak Kindred

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