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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Yuletide Blessing

Upon this day, we gather here, to give our love and our thanks to all Aesir and all Vanir,
to all those of the 9 worlds. On this day, all of the worlds come together, touching us in a special way
that happens but once a year. We are grateful for all that you have bestowed upon us and look forward
to what the wheel of life will hold for us in the future. To all of our loved ones that have passed before us,
on to the shining lands above, we give remembrance to all that you shared with us and look forward to sharing yet again.


We call to you Odhinn, the All-Father, One-Eyed Master of the Runes,
frenzied god of the Wild Hunt, you who sacrificed all, upon the wind-torn tree.
Sigfothr, may we be opened to ecstasy, wisdom and inspiration.
Be here with us during this glorious time, as we pay homage to you, Father Of Ages.


In the name of Frigg, Mistress of Fensalir,
spinner of clouds, wise consort to the wisest of consorts.
May our home be a frithstead where all are welcome.


In the name of Thorr, thou who hallows,
Lord of Thunder and fearless champion of men and gods.
Master of the Winds and wielder of the mighty Mjolnir;
May our strength and courage never fail us.


In the name of Freyr, Vana-king, Lord of the shining ones.
Wielder of “The Good Sword” and bringer of peace,
May the years that follow be fruitful and bountiful.


In the name of Baldr, brightest and most beloved of all Aesir.
All good things wept when into the darkness you went.
We do honor your ebb and flow and await the return of your warmth and love.

© Louis Buccellato (Alföðrsulf)


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