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~ The Heathen Songbook Online ~

Read the lyrics, listen and sing along!

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For non-English songs, see Multilingual International Poetry.

All songs, lyrics, sheet music, and sound files are copyright of their respective authors. About tunes & copyright.

Unless otherwise noted, acapella voice recordings are by me. Some sheet music is presented as .nwc (Noteworthy Composer Evaluation).

Listen to The Songs of Sergio F. Ribnikov and The Chants of Tyler Reed.


All Gods

Riddle Song
Gods of my Life  
The Rainbow Bridge
Over Midgard So Wide
The World Tree Song

Strive for that Hallowed Place

Walking with the Gods
These Gods are Your Gods

They've Got all Midgard in Their Hands

Green grow the rushes-o

My Gods, Your Love

The Call of the Gods

Carmen Aenigmatis
On the Way

See the Rainbow Shining Bright
Driving Out

A´s for the Aesir

With the Aesir Side by Side
The Aesir's Call 

Song for Odin

Hail Odin
God of Mystery
One Life
He came to me one evening

Odin Chant
Odin Song

Wind That´s Always Turning
Walking in the Wind

"Odin" (Parody)
Wodan Chant 
Wotan (Heart of You)
Little Drummer Boy
Good News, Valkyrie´s Coming
Swing Low, Sweet Valkyrie  
One Of Odin´s Now  
Wind, Wind, Wind
All Worthy
Battle Hymn of Odin  
One Eyed Stranger

Nine Long Nights
Loki´s Song About Odin´s Nights on Yggdrasil

Snow on the Meadow
Wodan's Host
I Write the Runes
Raven's Flight
Fulltrúi Song

Frigg Bless Ye Merry Heathen Folk
Hymn to Frigg  
Frigga Chant
Linen Dance

Frigga Spinning
Frigga See Us

Rain Chant (Lord of Thunders)
Thor Chant  
Thor is Your Friend
Thunderstorm Hymn
Red-Bearded Asa-Thorr
Thor, Master of Clouds
The Son of Óðinn
Thor Chant (Hey ho)

Sif´s Seasons
Sif's Hammer

Tears in the Ocean
Freya Summoning Song
Song for Freya  
Lady of the Vanir
Freya´s Rose

Fro of the Dance 
Do Frey

The Marriage of Freyr and Gerd 

The Frey Song

A Frey Chant
Freyr-Freyr-Frey O
In The Garden of Frey
Golden One

Ship Herd
The Njord Song
For The Ship-King

Hymn to Tyr
Tyr of the Old World
The Tyr Song

Tyr, God of the Morning

Song for Heimdall  

Idunn´s Gift

Walking Ways
For Bragi

Snow Queen: A Song For Skadi

Winter Walk
Ode to a Hunting God


Sunna & Mani
Oh Hail (Sunna passages)

Ode to Sunna

Song for Mani
Sing of Mani
Mani, Mani, Mani

Wheel of the Night

Aegir, Ran & the Nine Daughters
Blessing the Sea
Bara's Song
Blodughadda's Song

Bylgja's Song
Duva's Song

Hevring's Song
Himinglava's Son

Hronn's Song

Kolga's Song
Unn's Song


∑ 341

Blót-Songs, Chants, Hymns

Hail the Blest Gods
Hear me Aesir

Hail to the Day

Sigdrifa´s Prayer (I)

Sigdrifa´s Prayer (II)

Sigdrifa´s Prayer & Song
Sun Hail  
We Honor the Aesir
Rune Chant
Hail Day

Hail the Earth  
Through Time and Tide

Asynjur Chant
Aesir Hear Us   
Goddesses and Gods
By Water and Land
Come Ye Heathens
Midgard´s Isle

We´re Coming From the Aesir

Jormundgand's Song
Today We Celebrate



May The Road Rise Up To Meet You
May Life Always Grant You
Anglo-Saxon Hallowing Charm
Home Blessing
Gods Bless the Earth

Hedeby Fair
Hedeby Fair (2)
I Dreamt me a Dream

Silver and Gold

Harp Song of the Dane Women

Heathen Wedding Song

Hear our Vows

Partings & Funeral Songs
Vigil Dirge
Lo, There Do I See My Father
On the day that I die
Auld Lang Syne
Driftwood We Are
Once I Walked a Dreamland
By Wondrous Powers  
How Many Horns 
Who Can Sail Without the Wind   
Hunter´s Moon
The King of  Thule
Mound Maiden


Castle Walls

Belrix Brings the Northshield!
Berserker Song
Song of the Einherjar
Stand up, Stand up for Odin
The Hardy Norseman
The Norseman´s Home

Runes & Magic
Candlemas Hymn
Rune Caster's Chant
Untying Words
The Song of the Nine Sacred Herbs

Nine Daring Asatru
The City Heathens go to Blot
Barrow Boys
Loki the Fool
Beer Maids of Valhalla
Away in a Longship  
What shall we do with a drunken Heathen

My Fulltrui is Frey the Bold  
If you Want to be A Viking  
Asatru Persuasion  
A Heathen in New Zealand
Give it to Frey

Down at Ragnarok  
(Read the Freakin´Eddas)
If I Had a Hammer  
Roll out... 
In Asgard´s Fair City 
Old Norse is Insane
Hello Wodan
The Pragmatic Heathen Song
The Saga of the Lightbulb
I am going to Valhalla
I´m a Seidhkona

I´m a Viking

Viking Men

Viking Song

Song for Thing´s Tide 

Ode to Thor 
The Whey

Let Mead Flow on Midgard
Amazing Grace
Midgard´s Isle (Gilligan´s Island Filk)
Viking Song
Song for Hanging

As a Viking
Valkyrie in My Pocket
The Real Old Time Religion
The Childish Edda
The Thong of Thor
The Valkyrie Song
The Authentic Viking

Swing Low, Sweet Valkyrie-Maiden
The Tollund Man Pub Song
Big Axe
Drink to the Sword
Raw Green Mead
Odin Wants Me
Nidhogg Gnaws the Little Nithlings

I am Hel the Dark One 
Hail to you, Hela
Song for a Dark Goddess (Hel's Song)

The Norns
The Weavers

I Kissed a Girl (Loki Remix)
Piece Of Me (Loki Remix)
Freya’s Wedding
Pass it on
Ragnarök - Loki's Song 

Other Gods & Goddesses
Twist & Weave
Song for Mothers´ Night

Sigyn’s Song



Our Faith
The North Star Has Arisen
We are Heathens

Children of Aesir and Vanir
Don´t Know Much About History
A Kindred´s Anniversary Song  

Hail our Heroes 
The Heathen Year 

Universal Heathen  

In the Valley  
Hail Forn Sidr  
People, That's Not Asatru  
Look What They’ve Done to Our Lore, Guys
We are the ones who remember
Gods of Earth and Thunder
The Asatru Song
On the Anvil
Wisdom of the Ancients
Ute Sitte (Sitting out)
Hammer of Bronze
We are the Asatru Ring

For He's a Jolly Good Heathen

It Soon Will Be Evening
All Through the Night
Good Evening, Good Night

Coventry Lullaby
Do You Know How Many Stars are There
Sleep, Baby, Sleep

Fair Mani is Ascending

Songs for Children
Sunday is for Sunna
Red, Red, Red I Like to Wear My Clothing
Spring is Coming 
The Futhark Song 
A Modern Rune Poem for Children
All the Gods Are Here With Us
The Valkyries´Counting Song 
A Viking Kid’s Poem
A Night-Time Bede
Frigga Loves Me
Frigga Loves the Little Children

Spring / Ostara Songs
Ostara Carol
Ostara Night

I Have A Song To Sing
What Shall We Paint on Ostara´s Egg?
We Color Ostara´s Eggs

Summer Songs
Midsummer Song
Hal-An-Tow Revisited

Autumn Songs
Harvest-Tide Hail  
I´ll See You When the Leaves Turn Brown
'Twas the Ancestors' Night
A Crop Song, For Sif and Thor

Winter / Yule Songs
We Wish you a Merry Yuletide
Wassail, Wassail all over the Town
Here We Come A-Wassailing

Yuletide Blessing  
Sweeter the Songs we are Singing
Merry Yule and Mothers' Night
Come, All Ye Heathens
Snow Has Fallen Down Upon Us
A Time Has Come
The Darkest Midnight in December
In the Bleak Midwinter
Joy to the Worlds   
On Yulés Night  
Good Heathens All
Bring Us Good Mead
Asgard´s Drighten Once Looked Out
Good Heathen Folk Rejoice 
Hark the Heathen Folk
Masters in This Hall
Nos Galan - “Winter”
Oh Come All Ye Kinfolk  

Sing Aloud on this Day! 

The Sussex Carol  
Come One, Come All

Oh Come All Ye Faithful (L. Bragrman)
O Come, All Ye Faithful (A. Coleman)
O Tannenbaum

The Good God Thor
Come Away to the Skies
O Sun Wheel Bright  
Ullr´s Yule Gift 

Yule Feasting Song
Boar´s Head Carol
Gloucestershire Wassail
Gloucestershire Wassail 2
Gods Bless You, Merry Heathen Folk!
The Holly and the Ivy
Wassail Song 

We Wish You a Glad Yuletide!


Wild Hunt
The Old Year Now Away is Fled
Staffan Stalledräng
Hymn to Holla
The Mothers´ Night of Yule
The Yule Log
Yule Log Song
Midwinter Song
Vanir Carol
Merry Yuletide

Winter Grass
Let´s Be Happy and Rejoice
The Yule-Tree is Big

Silent Night, Yulé Night
Yule Blessing
Joy to the Worlds
Winter Carol
A Viking Christmas Carol

New Year
New Year's Song






Image: the fireflies' dance by darktear83: This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.


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