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A Suite of Yule Songs


The Yule tree is decorated, the gifts are laid out and dinner ready,
now you´re looking for some easy songs to sing with your family at short notice?
Here are my favorite songs for Yuletide.


"Cozy Winter Feeling"
The Yule Log
Snow Has Fallen Down Upon Us
A Time Has Come
In the Bleak Midwinter
Hymn to Holla
Yule Log Song
Frigg Bless Ye Merry Heathen Folk  

O Sun Wheel Bright
O Tannenbaum
The Mothers´ Night of Yule
Sweeter the Songs we are Singing
Silent Night, Yulé Night

"Merry, Lively, Jubilant"
Joy to the Worlds  
We Wish you a Merry Yuletide  

Gloucestershire Wassail

Gods Bless You, Merry Heathen Folk!
Oh Come All Ye Faithful  

Wassail Song

We Wish You a Glad Yuletide!

Wild Hunt