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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Chasing of Sol

The wolf chases the Sun across the skies of Day.
Sol drives the horses Aruck and Alsvina ever harder,
pulling the chariot, fire of sky and air.
Wolf is on their heels day after day;
the horses tire.
Sister of the Moon is fearful.
Will this be the year
when the wolf devours the child of Muspellworld?
As the horse tire, the Day Star travels closer to Midgard;
she hangs low on her journey across the sky.
The wolf, the child of Iarnvidiur etin-clan, senses victory near.
The Sun lowers its watch;
the frost-thurses advance from etin-home.
Yet no daughter does the Sun bear;
the wife of Glen remains barren.
The wolf tires of chase;
the Day Star regains its strength.
The daylight grows longer;
the Bane of all Thurses drives back the frost-giants.
There will be a new year.

Jim Davis

Published in: "Drunk on the Mead of Inspiration", March 1997.
Author of "
Basic Anglo-Saxon Paganism".

Aruck and Alsvina: Anglo-Saxon equivalent of Arvakr and Alsvidr, the horses pulling the sun chariot.
Day Star: Another name for the Sun.

Iarnvidiur: "Ironforest", home of many giantesses.

Glen: Sun was married to a mysterious "Glen".

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