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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Silent Sleeps

Silent sleeps, with pregnant pause,
The darkening earth, her face withdrawn
From the eager sun whose kiss is life
Mother awaits rebirth, the moment rife
Promise awaits Ostara’s Rite

Curled deep where memory sleeps
She the Before, the Now and Future keeps
The wheel turns with steady grace
As all men watch sweet nature’s race
They know her deep and scented loam
Will call them all, one day, back home

Her daughters weep with tears of ice
That shine like crystals against the night
What was is gone far past the dawn
Mother sleeps, her dreams unclear.

Watching with his eyes so bright
Mani casts a waning light
Gazing upon faces upturned
They call to all Gods old and new
Goddesses, Vanir and the Asatru

With heady brew they intone the words
To Landwights, Steadwights, Ancestors all
Welcome ye to this hallowed hall.
As the log burns low and voices cease
Mother smiles, all knowing in her peaceful sleep.

© Lori Brown-Scheel

Image: "Birds amidst snow-adorned vegetation", © David Lindes, DaveLtd.com

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