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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Opening of Sumbel-Yule 2006 - Mothers Night

To Allmother Frigga in your silence demure
More beautiful than any jewel's allure
As graceful as the snow geese sway
Gliding upon the trace of ethereal day
Breathtaking in your simple stillness
Your calmness a gentle command
That we settle ourselves here and be at hand
A moment to take serenity's fate
Into our own hearts and souls
We weave thee, Mother of the folk!

To Allfather Odhinn there is much to be said
At our hearth is also your homestead
Our door is always open, a refuge from the cold
We are the kinsmen that keep your namesake
In faith, to have and to hold!

Oh mighty Thor, we invite thee 'round
Come in from your travels and settle yourself down
Rest awhile and replenish your strength
We need thee in Midgarth to be safe and sound
Aplenty we have of meat and of mead
Prepared extra for your mighty needs!

Now for the most whitest of gods
Heimdall, my beloved
Come down and be with us!
You're the shining As
Your presence cannot be of mistake
We love thee now and all year round
The most faithful of troth do we hold to be bound!

Hail Aesir, Hail Asynjur
Hail bountiful earth
With pleasant eyes look hither
And grant us victory while we live!

And this ends the first round of Sumbel with the passing of the horn,

and guests will recite the above noted text from the Sigdrifumal.

Kin of our kin, flesh of our flesh
Those that held troth with the old gods
Hear us now!
Come, be nourished with the offerings of our hearth
We are bound to ye, like the gods,
Through eternity.

M Odinsdatter (Ve Vindhler)

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