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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Cattle die, kindred die, every man is mortal:
But the good name never dies of one who has done well. - Hávamál

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Odin    Odin II    Odin III

Odhroerir, Kvasir   Bragi

Thor   Frey   Heimdall   Tyr, Forseti

All Gods   Njord, Ran, Aegir   Ullr   Loki

Balder, Hoder, Vali, Hermod, Vidar, Magni,

Mimir, Hoenir, Lodhur, Saxnot, Alcis et al.

Freya    Frigga    Skadhi

Idunna, Sif, Gerd, Ostara, Nerthus, Jord, Hredhe

Frigga's Handmaidens: Saga, Eir, Fulla, Gefion...

Norns, Hel, Frau Holle, Fylgia

Thrud, Hnoss, Mengloth & Maidens, Sigyn, & Others

Sunna, Mani, Nott, Dag, Mundilfari

Seasons & Holidays   Yule & Winter

Our Faith   Prayers, Blessings, Blot&Sumbel

Life: Marriage, Lullabies, Childrens' Songs, Birthdays, Healing, Funerals

Community: Ancestors, Family, Home, Disir, Vaettir

Musings: Ethics, Life, Death, Wyrd, Loss


Myths & Heroes

Vikings, Battle & Berserkers

Valkyries, Einherjar, Otherworld, Ragnarok

Love & Chivalry   Runes, Seidh, Spae    Ravens, Hugin&Munin   Humor


Submitted works are the sole property of and copyrighted by their authors, used by their permission. 
No distribution or use without their prior written consent, unless indicated otherwise; 
I´ll gladly forward requests insofar I still have the means to contact the author(s).
The juxtaposition of poems and artwork is by me.