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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Deyr fé, deya frćndur, deyr sjálfur iđ sama.
En orđstír deyr aldregi hveim er sér góđan getur.
- Hávamál

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Names are listed by surname:
Eric Smith -> Smith, Eric.  Eric Dragonslayer -> Dragonslayer, Eric.

Eric the Viking -> Eric the Viking.  Eric of Iceland -> Eric of Iceland. 
Eric´s Heir -> Eric´s Heir.  Eric M. -> Eric M.

Names beginning with symbols are listed under first real letter of name.
Names beginning with numbers are listed under first letter of number as if spoken.


Submitted works are the sole property of and copyrighted by their authors, used by their permission. 
No distribution or use without their prior written consent, unless indicated otherwise; 
I´ll gladly forward requests insofar I still have the means to contact the author(s).
The juxtaposition of poems and artwork is by me.