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Njord, Ran, Aegir & the Nine Daughters



"`Tis the set of the sails
And not the gales
That tells the way we go." - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

* Ship Herd Michaela Macha
* The Njord Song Karl  Donaldsson 
* Sea and Mountain Michael Schütz
Invocation to Njördhr  Alice Karlsdóttir 
* The Fish Herd´s Words Robin Herne 

"Every life needs an anchor."- unknown

* Vanic Invocation Boar´s Heart 
* To Njord Diana Paxson
* Noble Njorth Rhonda Turner 
* Dialogue between Njord and Skadhi Wim Aanen

Njord seas things as they are." - M.M.

* Invocation to Njord Pagan Book of Hours
* Prayer to Njord  Galina Krasskova
* For The Ship-King Raven Kaldera
* Devotional Ritual for Njord
Galina Krasskova
* Njord's Doughnut John T Mainer (Story)

* Njord’s Serenity Robert Shawn Rowland
* Invocation to Njord Michaela Macha
* Njorðr Galina Krasskova
* Poem for Njord
Robert Shawn Rowland



* To Ran Lori Brown-Scheel 
* ´Tis to the Watery Halls of Ran Jackie Hannigan 
* Call to Ran  Patricia LaFayllve 
* Ran´s Daughters Cynthia Haywood  

* In Spite of Ran Marshall Stands
* Invocation to Ran Raven Kaldera
* Space Goddess John T Mainer
* Rán and Aegir Galina Krasskova

"In the deep sea-caves
By the sounding shore,
In the dashing waves
When the wild storms roar,
In her cold green bowers
In the northern fiords,
She lurks and she glowers,
She grasps and she hoards,
And she spreads her strong net for her prey."-
James Baldwin, "The Story of Siegfried", 1899

Aegir & The Nine Daughters

* Ale Jarl Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* Invocation to Aegir Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Aegir, Ran, and the Nine Sisters
Pagan Book of Hours
* Aegir
Salena Levy
* Blessing the Sea Raven Kaldera

* Bara's Song
Raven Kaldera
* Blodughadda's Song
Raven Kaldera
* Bylgja's Song Raven Kaldera
* Duva's Song Raven Kaldera
* Hevring's Song Raven Kaldera

* Himinglava's Son
Raven Kaldera
* Hronn's Song
Raven Kaldera
* Kolga's Song Raven Kaldera
* Unn's Song Raven Kaldera

* Invocation to Bara
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Blodughadda
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Bylgja
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Duva
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Himinglava
Raven Kaldera

* Invocation to Hronn
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Kolga
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Ran
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Unn
Raven Kaldera
* Invocation to Hevring Galina Krasskova

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Njord: © Giovanni Caselli, used with permission.
Ran: Faroe Islands Stamp, artist: Anker Eli Petersen. Public Domain.
sea tales by ~darktear83: This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.