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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


For The Ship-King                       Full score and audio files.
Arranged for voices (in unison/octaves, with solos) and three violins.

Silver-scaled run your flocks and herds,
Fair and patient flow your ways and words,
Keel and hull, lanternís wake, lighthouse on the shore,
Guide us safe through the storm.

The Ship King sails!

Keep safe the stern and bow, yard and spar, compass in the gale,
Bless the course that we sail.

Hail, drink to toast the Captainís god.
Hail, King of decks and holds.

Hail, sing to bless the nets spread far.
Hail, Lord who rides the waves that roll.

Hail, Njord! Sail your steed in the sunset.

Billow white in the face of the wind,
Dragon helm dips and rises again,
Keel and hull, lanternís wake,lighthouse on the shore,
Guide us safe through the storm.

Hail! Through the gales, Ship King sails on.

© Raven Kaldera

This poem is
from Njordīs Shrine.

Northern Tradition Paganism - Prayers, rituals, music & online shrines

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