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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Njordís Serenity

In mindís well, in ondís sea
There are disturbances named in three
Not hard to tell, is how I speak
Anger is one, a raging storm
Greed is another, orlogís pollution
Fear is third, hiding from shadows
Reign the ship, hold it tight
Steer your oars, and take good winds
Lifeís river, ocean of being
Njord will speak, restful waves
Of medicine three, I know to be
Not hard to tell, is how I speak
Compassion is one, a calming wind
Generosity another, rain for the fields
Courage the third, to navigate all waves
Come what may, feast or famine
Be the center, you are the compass
True north, a guiding star
Always faithful, never false
Know that I am, and you are too
Over fishes bath, or grassy hills
In town with folk, or beasts in the field
Sow well, do well, and you shall yield well
Njord is free with wealth, and frith, and wisdom too
If you be but still, and guide yourself true
In mindís well, in ondís sea
When the Godís weal weaves with thee
Always faithful, never false
Not hard to tell, how to be
Calm at the center, a compass at sea

© Robert Shawn Rowland

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