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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Vanic Invocation

Hail, gods of the Vanir
O gods of the folk, my hail

Hail, wise and beautiful Njord
And hail Frey and Freyja
Your son and daughter, proud beside you

God of the fertile season! Hail Frey!
Goddess of the fruitful Earth! Hail Freyja!
God of the rich and abundant seas! Hail Njord!

Truce bearers, peace makers,
Honored guests in Asgard's rich halls,
Be welcomed now in this my holy, humble stead
Join me now before this harrow
My gifts to relish, my troth to hear.

© Boar´s Heart

Image: © Analemma McKee Burrows, faux stained glass original.
Used with permission.


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