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             ~ Special Themes and Categories ~

You usually navigate poetry on Odinīs Gift in three separate categories: 

"My own poems" -  "Poems by Others" -  "Classical poems".

Here, you will find poems from all of the above categories - arranged in a different manner:

A cross-over of poems that fit a certain theme.


* Alliterative (stave-rhyming) poems using Old Norse verse meters

* Poetic forms represented on this site - Sonnets, haikus, villanelles, acrostics, terza rima...

* Poetry under Licenses (e.g. Creative Commons) which may be freely shared under certain terms and conditions

* The Poetry Duel - Crossing pens with another skald

* A Suite of Yule Songs - Yule songs for easy singing at short notice, with MP3 & sheet music




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