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~ Special Themes ~

Alliterative Poetry in Old Norse verse meters ~

Below are modern English poems using alliterative (stave-rhyming) Old Norse verse meters
that were in use at the time of the Eddas and Sagas.
If I forgot to list one of your poems here, please remind me !    What┤s alliteration?

Ljˇ­ahßttr (Song Meter)

* Odin┤s Rune Song Jack Hart
* Blessing to Ithunn P.D.Brown
* Calling to Saga P.D.Brown
* Rune Poem P.D.Brown
* Sea Goddess Passion Erik Goodwyn
* A Ballad to Odin Erik Goodwyn
* Odinĺs Lament Erik Goodwyn
* The Fight for the Necklace  Michaela Macha
* The Binding Ones Michaela Macha
* Gudrun and Brynhild II Michaela Macha
* Gerd Meets Frey Michaela Macha
* Hail to Ullr Robin Herne
* Sif's Son Robin Herne
* Vanadis Matthias
* Invocation Paul Edwin Zimmmer 
* Son of Fury Michaela Macha (with deviations from the form)

Drottkvaett (Court Meter)

* The Death of Mundilfari┤s Daughter Richard A. Edwards
* Lakeside Hunter Jonathan Cyr
* Lenctenlong Math Jones (with small deviation from the form)

Fornyr­islag (Old Meter)

* Fenris Unleashed Michaela Macha
* The Song of the Mill  Michaela Macha
* Starkad┤s Fate Michaela Macha
* The Lay of Hildebrand Michaela Macha
* Hakon┤s Passage
version 2 Michaela Macha

* The Claiming of Gerd Jack Hart
* Sigrun and Helgi Jack Hart
* The Lay of Signy Volsungsdottir
Jack Hart
* The Lay of Bileyg  Jack Hart
Jack Hart

* Skadi┤s Choice Jack Hart
* The Song of the Nuthatches Jack Hart
* Brynhild┤s Hel Ride Jack Hart
* Brynhild┤s Request Jack Hart
* Grotti┤s Song Jack Hart

* Hogni and the Water Sprites Jack Hart
* The Near Marriage of Thrym Dunstan LeHeryngmongere
* Hymn to Tyr Siegfried Goodfellow
* Bravest in Battle Mark Ludwig Stinson
* The ═sland Journey Mark Ludwig Stinson

* Skadhi┤s Laughter Math Jones
* Grithspell Math Jones
* Almighty Frey Math Jones
* Tyr Song Math Jones
* Hoder┤s Song Math Jones

* Rune-Kennings Nick Ford
* Loki┤s Wedding Gift  Nick Ford
* Heathen Pride Eirik Westcoat

Poems approaching old meters, or with great use of alliterative techniques

* Bragi Liam Henrie
* Saga
Liam Henrie
* Laufey
Liam Henrie
* Asa-Loki Wayland Skallagrimsson
* Lady of Cats
Christie L. Ward

* Hakon┤s Passage
version 1 Michaela Macha
* Under the Cloak
Michaela Macha
* Hadding
Michaela Macha
* At the Battle of Maldon
Lady Rosalind Jehanne
* Odin Hanging from Yggdrasil
Siegfried Goodfellow

* Frey┤s True Love
Robin Herne
* Hail to Ullr
Robin Herne
* Hoo is the Queen?
Robin Herne
* The Fish Herd┤s Words Robin Herne
Binding of the Wolf

The Song of Tyrfing Angantyr
* The Skaldkonger (Bard King) Mikal Hrafspa
* In Utgard Loki┤s Hall  Jennifer Lawrence
* Roarer Liam Henrie
* Way Weary Liam Henrie

* Angrbo­a Michaela Macha
* The Mead of Poetry Celestial Elf

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